--> “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”(Oscar wilde) The following dialogue ’chat ‘is betwe...

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“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”(Oscar wilde)The following dialogue ’chat ‘is between two characters from different places. The man, wisebard ) and Peacebunny( a young female from US). The text –simple and sincere-conveys a positive sharing of ideas about life and existentialism.Wisebard: salam
Wisebard: salam alikom ;)
Wisebard: :) how r u? Peacebunny: im good…just getting home from working…had a very long day..im pooped and....i missed the funeral…bummer…and i need to clean my roommates damn cat bo box i hate cat boxes!Wisebard: :) funeral of MJ?
Peacebunny: yes Wisebard: god bless him
Peacebunny: for real. So sad his life. Just a total mess Wisebard: yes it was
Peacebunny: how are u hikam? Wisebard: that's what happen with famous ppl
Peacebunny: sometimes…it is more than fame…it started as child. his dad was awful Peacebunny : im tired. i just want to chat. with normal ppl. Lol Wisebard: u mean?
Peacebunny: I have talked my head off. i just want normal ppl. like u sweety Wisebard: u look like Chinese
Peacebunny: i know i hear that. but i am not. i am not japan. i am half german / half American Wisebard: waaaw
Peacebunny: american: indian, english, irish, i am universe child. everywhere i go. ppl think i am from their countryWisebard: multiethnic wild child
Peacebunny: so i know i have no roots. Yes. i am. Oh. Wild. huh? where did that come from? Wisebard: lol
Peacebunny: i am that. i didnt thought i express it Wisebard: from the wilderness that 's now called civilisation
Peacebunny: oh! Hmm Wisebard: i m a wild child
Peacebunny: yes. i was about to say. takes one to know oneWisebard: a noble savage
Peacebunny: lol. Yes. Rebel ! oh oh tonite. u must wake up at predawn. and see the lunar eclipse visible in africa maybe u will be lucky before your prayersWisebard: i hope so
Peacebunny: that is if u wake up for morning prayers. its total lunar eclipse Wisebard: awfully i dont but i d love to do it
Peacebunny: you can give that to Allah during Ramadan this year Wisebard: i do it durin Ramadan
Peacebunny: im sure. and why is that. so u can eat Wisebard: how come u know this? studies?
Peacebunny: ? lol' i am a universe child. i am sprititual. i am one. i am.very interested in knowing the thoughts of God Wisebard: u ve got a good spirit.u should feed it with knowledge
Peacebunny: and so the reason for interst in Allah Wisebard: discover islam, discover truth, it's not just a jingle or slogan
Peacebunny: yes. Well to date. i have yet to meet a nice muslim to say this Wisebard: read the koran, a good english translation
Peacebunny: and i am not jingling or sloganing Wisebard: islam means peace
Peacebunny: yes. i know Wisebard: dont belive what u see under televisions skies or propagandas
Peacebunny: oh i do not . Otherwise we would not be having this conversation my sweet friend. i am free, free to learn what i want. Thank God. and i try to focus on those things that are holy and of sound teaching. i am really tired today seems weirdWisebard: it's pretty good when u're tired, u feel u ve done sth good in ur day exhausted means u've worked. u've achieved sth
Wisebard: well. i did move alot of energy Peacebunny: good nite hakim…i would put u in my tea…ur so sweet
Wisebard: positive mind
Peacebunny: yes! yes!......……….you can water with me with allah from your precious mind and soul and feed me in some way to help me grow i will be big and strong one day from my passing you by the way i am glad we met dont forget!....Wisebard: now I leave u in the care of Allah... peace now
Peacebunny : peace


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