Q : What is a hashtag? A : You use it to tag your tweets or other social media posts. Q : Why would you want to tag your posts? A : Hashta...


Q: What is a hashtag?

A: You use it to tag your tweets or other social media posts.

Q: Why would you want to tag your posts?

A: Hashtags were a user-innovation that was later adopted by Twitter as an actual feature when Twitter decided to hyperlink hashtags to search results.The rest of the socialsphere followed in its own pace such as Facebook.

Q: How to better #hashtag?

A :

  •  Hashtag use is mainly used on Twitter, Facebook and other social medias.

  • Don't put too many words together for no reason. For example, #ihadabaddayihatemylife is a horrible way to use a hashtag. Not only is no one going to click on it (that is -- if you're using it on Twitter), but no one is going read it. You will lose followers if you constantly tweet this nonsense. 

  • Do not use too many hashtags . One or two are fine -- maybe 3 if they are short and promoting an article (or 4 if the hashtagged words are being used in a sentence). But no one wants to read a tweet full of blue, clickable words. 
  • Do not hashtag the same thing in everything you share. Perhaps you have some rando catch phrase to promote your site, your band, or yourself... But if you're hashtagging it in every tweet, people will unfollow you (if you actually have followers in the first place).
  • Do not NOT use hashtags. No one wants to follow a person whose tweets are so... black. Hashtags and links provide color to Twitter pages. Not using a hashtag is fine -- but not if every single tweet you write is hashtag-less. No one wants to read about your personal life... unless it's funny... but if you were funny, you'd be using hashtags. So it's kind of a lose-lose situation.

Hashtags have become more than just a way to categorize posts or add a narrative to your updates. Marketers have found new, innovative ways to use hashtags as a mean to drive conversation, harness the public support, and garner attention to their brands.

Are you using hashtags? Who else have you seen using hashtags smartly?

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